ahh now to enjoy 364 days of peace

  • deathberry33

    Goddamit I missed it, next year for sure!

  • Relius kaiser

    See you all next year!

  • Trailtracker

    Ok im scared is that how you hold your flute

  • Saf Yeet

    21 sep is my dads birthday

  • You Know What I Like?

    Every part of this emanates “Hell yeah!”

  • Via Viral

    I love this it makes me feel so special because it's my birthday!

  • Jasmine L

    September 21st is my birthday😂

  • Not Anyone Important

    Ahh it seems like I'm not the only one who got this through mod mail on reddit

  • O! RU, L82?

    Iconic. I love this!

  • Michael Garcia

    I was born on September 21st. I look forward to these every birthday since the last two. Your credit songs are hilarious. Please never stop, thank you

  • lasercow l

    I will be honest, alpharad brought me here

  • mikeiswhite3

    I hope he continues this for as long as he can.

  • Smint

    21st of September is my b-day


    Im coming next sept 21st cuz its my birthday for my birthday gift from h guys

  • vanittah mwangi

    I don't know how your top yourself next year

  • thekingkong

    I cannot wait for 2020

  • Zhizn' Prekrasna


  • 5MadMovieMakers

    Wow careful with that flute, it's loaded (with confetti apparently)

  • Shad

    i sang september in september 21, does that count

  • Astro

    Reddit newsletters be like

  • Elizabeth O'Keefe

    I love these videos!!!

  • Christine Kim

    Thank you for making my birthday extra special!!!!

  • Jon Bowman

    wow this was incredible!

  • Phantom Aviator

    I love this. Thank you for a work of art. I got this in a modmessage on reddit, since I own r/sexyasiangrandpas

  • JJ Tangle

    September 21st is my birthday.....

  • bheatz1

    This made my whole day

  • Satwick Kancharana

    For a minute I thought. I was only recommended cuz it's also the date of my birth. Loved it.

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