Whittingham Road Project

Our customers had set their hearts on a Tarmac driveway with single red block edging laid soldier course and required 2 half moon block inlaid steps. The most important was the front wall to the driveway, which was to completely match and tie in with the adjoining neighbour’s wall seamlessly with the least disruption to roadside turfing.

The driveway is edged with Eaton Red 60mm Blocks soldier style with a Charcoal Eaton Block to the entrance of the drive and the same inlaid into the two steps, edged with Charcoal eaton Kerb sets and laid with SMA 6mm BS EN 13108-1 Tarmac.

Customer Comments:

We are very happy with our driveway and have had Quality Driveway Business cards off Paul to hand out as we feel they did such a good job

Satisfied Customers

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